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We’ve walked past this place so many times till we lost count… there were a couple of times where we tried to dine here only to find that the place was full… Not so bad today… we were here pretty early… and the place was rather empty… so we got ourselves a nice table at […]

Didn’t bring my camera … forgot my wallet as well…. and Aly suggested going to Kitchen MoguMogu at Far East Plaza to try out the food and to take photos Well done There’s a big menu on top of the machines…. machines??? There are 2 machines in the restaurant …. plus a girl who will […]

We were at Far East Plaza and didn’t know where to go for dinner… we walked past this place before, so decided to check it out. Turkish kebab place …. order from the counter …seating area is opposite. Hmm… what should I order? I think I’ll have girl number 8!!! Man… the drink’s pathetic… Aly’s […]

After watching some variety programme on telly… Aly and I decided to try out this ramen place opened by some chinese national …. the stuff that come up on tv looked pretty yummy…. It wasn’t too difficult to locate the place at the top floor. We had to queue for awhile… guess the free (or […]

Susan Chan

In: Food Adventures

21 Apr 2006

Aly and I were just walking around looking at the various shops at Far East Plaza, the place is beginning to feel more like Argyle in Hong Kong (but still has a long way to go actually)… lots of little little shops selling clothes and stuff… lots of kids around too… We then had dinner […]

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