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Met Tong and Kelly and his friend John at Kah Motors at Leng Kee. The couple were there to test drive the Honda Stream as they were thinking of changing to an MPV. I just went along for the ride as usual. Didn’t test drive though, didn’t want to be addicted and then go home […]

Went to collect the clothes we sent for alteration at Aly’s tailor… Another chance to have our lunch here I was afraid there wasn’t enough food  Cabbage for Aly … and me of ‘cos… I love veggies too Meat patty … Pork curry I love pork curry!!! Eggs with dark soy sauce Some deep fried […]

Was around the area as Aly had just gone to her tailor to alter some clothes… So we decided to have curry rice for lunch Kong Bah!!! Meat!!! Yummy!!! Not too salty… nice! Hor Pao Dan! With dark soy sauce dribbled over … Pork chop! I always wondered why they called this pork chop… where’s […]

I love hainanese curry rice… usually getting my fix at the Tiong Bahru and Redhill food centres … Little did I know that just diagonally across the Tiong Bahru food centre was another place that has been serving up yummy hainanese curry rice for years Silly me …. Silly us (Aly and me ) Who […]

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