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ECP … East Coast Park … not the expressway Headed there with Aly and her sis Samantha for dinner after that round of clothes shopping at Chinatown Sam had the Gold Medal Macau Baked Rice ($14.80) which is actually pork chop with tomato sauce, Chicken chop with portuguese sauce and seafood with cream sauce all […]

It’s been awhile since we’ve last been here…. Looks like they got more cushioned seats as well as a brand new menu! A whole new menu plus updated pics! Finally!!! What Aly and I have been saying the place was missing all this while… Any hk eatery would be incomplete without this! Beef brisket noodles […]

Met Tong & Kelly at Hong Kong Cafe for dinner before proceeding home … Parking wasn’t so good this time round unlike the previous times when I could get a lot easily… Had to park quite far away this time…. Tong & Kelly had Honey lemon drink and Iced lemon tea while Aly and I […]

Aly and I decided to go to Hong Kong Cafe (again!) for supper after the Beyond concert as we were quite hungry… Got there and managed to find a parking lot (Yippy!) We had to wait a short while for seats … we opted to sit inside (air con!) We where shown to our seats […]

Aly was hungry so we had a bite at Hong Kong Cafe after picking Aly up from work after having dinner with Vivian and Geoffrey Ordered Chef’s Fried rice and a Borsch soup to try. We always see on TVB the folks ordering this soup at restaurants, so we decided to have a go as […]

Aly wanted to go to this place that appeared in some food programme on tv recently… I kinda guessed where it was and we got there without too much of a problem… and we even managed to get a parking lot with ease… luckily! What’s this place that we have to die die check it […]

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