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I’ve always preferred tea to coffee … Many of you would know I’m an Oolong person Besides that I love other types of tea as well… I’ve long heard of Essential Brew and been dying to try out their tea infused cuisine … Finally managed to get Aly together with Tong and Kelly to try […]

Aburiya @ Holland Village…. we’ve walked past this place several times…. but only decided to give it a try now … The menu was a little confusing at first, but not too difficult either. We went with 2 different sets to try out the different types of stuff they had. Was tempted to try the […]

Met Pat and Audrey for lunch today … Audrey still looks so skinny! I wouldn’t have thought that she’s preggy if I didn’t know! and Pat has lost so much weight! I’m sooooo jealous They took me to Hog’s Breath at Holland Village … I’ve never eaten here despite walking past it for so many […]

Met Aly for dinner at HV today … been a long time since I stepped foot into Crystal Jade here …. The last time I ate here was with Pat and Audrey …. can’t recall how many months ago it was …. Anyway … Here’s what we ate …. Aly ordered some fried Mushroom and […]


In: Food Adventures

24 Nov 2005

Met Aly for dinner at Spizza at Holland Village…. Just had a medium ham and mushroom pizza plus an order of lasagna that’s all… Lasagna … nice! If only the portion was bigger LOL… Ham and mushroom pizza… er… I should’ve taken a pic of it earlier when it was still “whole” ya?

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