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ECP … East Coast Park … not the expressway Headed there with Aly and her sis Samantha for dinner after that round of clothes shopping at Chinatown Sam had the Gold Medal Macau Baked Rice ($14.80) which is actually pork chop with tomato sauce, Chicken chop with portuguese sauce and seafood with cream sauce all […]

Fai’s birthday … didn’t get him anything He didn’t want to go anywhere far or something as he had to go back to take care of Breanna … So he suggested going to Sunset Way… I’ve heard of the place being spiced up with lots of pubs and restaurants for the last couple of years. […]

After walking around Lavender… we headed back to Bugis for some shopping at Bugis Junction and Bugis Village…. Dinner time came pretty quickly and we were both famished We walked past this poster/banner…. Hey! Isn’t that Roger Kwok? (Hong Kong TVB Actor) Hmmm…. another HK Cafe thingy… Aly and I decided to try it out […]

2nd day of Chinese New Year to be exact …. Early morning of the 3rd day … at 1am Supper at HK Cafe at East Coast with Tong & Kelly. Not many places were opened at this time and during Chinese New Year as well. Here’s my hungry kitty ready to fight for her food […]

Here we are again at the branch of Hong Kong Cafe at Novena (Thomson) … this time with Fai and Kelly. Much nearer than the one at East Coast… and with better parking as well Fai’s order of stewed beef brisket rice…. yummy! Pork and chicken chop rice with Shanghai sauce Both Kelly and Aly […]

It’s been awhile since we’ve last been here…. Looks like they got more cushioned seats as well as a brand new menu! A whole new menu plus updated pics! Finally!!! What Aly and I have been saying the place was missing all this while… Any hk eatery would be incomplete without this! Beef brisket noodles […]

Met Tong & Kelly at Hong Kong Cafe for dinner before proceeding home … Parking wasn’t so good this time round unlike the previous times when I could get a lot easily… Had to park quite far away this time…. Tong & Kelly had Honey lemon drink and Iced lemon tea while Aly and I […]

Aly and I decided to go to Hong Kong Cafe (again!) for supper after the Beyond concert as we were quite hungry… Got there and managed to find a parking lot (Yippy!) We had to wait a short while for seats … we opted to sit inside (air con!) We where shown to our seats […]

Aly was hungry so we had a bite at Hong Kong Cafe after picking Aly up from work after having dinner with Vivian and Geoffrey Ordered Chef’s Fried rice and a Borsch soup to try. We always see on TVB the folks ordering this soup at restaurants, so we decided to have a go as […]

Aly wanted to go to this place that appeared in some food programme on tv recently… I kinda guessed where it was and we got there without too much of a problem… and we even managed to get a parking lot with ease… luckily! What’s this place that we have to die die check it […]

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