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We headed back to the old wing (JP1) and decided to have dinner there instead as it was less crowded Waited a short while to get into this place… Men-Ichi …. erm… Men Itchy? I always found those little plastic/resin dishes cute It’s basically a ramen place… by the RES group …. hope it’s better […]

Made a trip down to the new extension at Jurong Point. The place was really crowded!!! Snapped some pics of the new place… Lai Lai Beef Noodles is here…. hmm… New York New York (by the Thai Express group) Just some random pics of the mall… SK Jewellery… The fittings are similar to those from […]

Read in the newspapers about how they turned part of the basement at Jurong Point into what they call Osaka Street, with about 6 different restaurants churning out japanese food (mostly managed by the RE&S Group) After walking around Dempsey, we decided to check the Osaka Street out and see if we could get any […]

Aly and I were at Jurong Point… looking for a place to have dinner, we ended up at Bentobox located on the 2nd level. We’ve always strolled past this place but never ate there before, so we decided to give it a try since she was in the mood for pasta (not bento… heh) Bentobox! […]

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