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Aly has been bugging me about Chin Mei Chin for many months now …. Believe me when I say many many many months and so…. finally managed to wake up early … and we headed down to Katong to satisfy her needs … tsk tsk… Hmm… the building seems repainted and with a new signboard […]

Cafe Oliv

In: Food Adventures

2 Sep 2008

Aly had been showing me the website asking if I was interested in trying out the food at this place for weeks! Finally caved in and even managed to drag Fai and Kelly along as well Hmm… what’s Aly looking at…. Pics of the food all over the walls of the place… Is Aly staring […]

After reading so much about this place on various blogs and forums on the internet, we decided to hop down and sample their food. A view of the shop from opposite … The long queue which was forming at 630pm…. The place’s not too big… really tiny to be precise … therefore…. go early to […]

Chin Mei Chin

In: Food Adventures

29 Oct 2005

Went to Katong this morning with Aly… Chin Mei Chin!!! Tried their smooth and yummy egg tarts … the filling was not the normal kind you get… the egg part were almost liquid! Aly with her egg tarts… Moments later… just outside Chin Mei Chin …. hahaha… Aly took a bite… and everything dropped and […]

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