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Had dinner with Aly at Food Junction at Century Square. Aly had the chicken noodles… not too bad… I got the cold noodles… the texture of the noodles were chewy… and I really mean chewy…. By the end of the meal my jaws were numb But it was good! Nice chewy springy texture Bad thing? […]

Aly has been frequenting this place without me!!! She’s been here another 2 times with her colleagues already We brought Fai and Kelly down today for my second visit to the place Side dishes today consisted of cockles! Aly was the only one eating them… Kelly didn’t touch them … hmm… Asparagus …. hmm… just […]

Another place that has been around for years and we’ve never patronised it before… Read some positive reviews on the place a few weeks back, so decided to give it a try today We walked past Kuishin Bo… which was packed with a long queue as usual and headed to Shillawon… place was kinda packed […]

For fans of korean food …and the hit series Daejangguem (Jewel in the Palace) … Now you can sample the food you see in the show… IF your wallet is deep enough… at Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken And BBQ… Read about it here!

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