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Aly has been frequenting this place without me!!! She’s been here another 2 times with her colleagues already We brought Fai and Kelly down today for my second visit to the place Side dishes today consisted of cockles! Aly was the only one eating them… Kelly didn’t touch them … hmm… Asparagus …. hmm… just […]

Mario Kitchen…. what’s a Korean restaurant doing with a name like Mario? It makes me think of the plumber in red and blue (Nintendo icon Super Mario) and Mario is italian …weird… Thankfully I think we will never see Luigi (Mario’s brother – the one with the green overalls lol ) Japanese restaurant or something […]

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ahMao in goldfish bowl aka Singapore, a mao who wishes he was in Hong Kong instead, the food that ahMao eats with his ahMew aka LeMew/Kitty and the boring stuff they do when they are.... bored .... what else?



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