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Aly dragged me to try out this place at Liang Seah Street…. Usual side dishes… Eggy was yummy Potatoes…. Aly didn’t touch this one It was okay for me as I’ve learnt to eat it Kimchi! So-so Soy sprouts… big heads! We ordered a set menu for 2 ($49)… this was what we got …. […]

Mario Kitchen…. what’s a Korean restaurant doing with a name like Mario? It makes me think of the plumber in red and blue (Nintendo icon Super Mario) and Mario is italian …weird… Thankfully I think we will never see Luigi (Mario’s brother – the one with the green overalls lol ) Japanese restaurant or something […]

Dinner was really bad…. so the 4 of us headed over to the dessert shop further down… Ah Chew desserts was fully packed as usual… Just as well we’ve never ate at this one before except Aly who said it was not bad… This was the place… ??? My order of water chestnut egg dessert…. […]

Aly and I were walking around Bugis Junction and Icon, we then proceeded to Lai Lai Taiwan Beef Noodles (Liang Seah Street) for a late lunch, but we stumbled upon this place on the way there (32 Liang Seah Street) just a few outlets away from Lai Lai), hence we decided to try it out. […]

Lai Lai Family Restaurant… Love this place … it’s amazing I haven’t written about this joint till now… It’s actually an eatery located at Liang Seah Street that dishes out taiwan beef noodles and other taiwan goodies… it’s owned and run by this pretty taiwanese woman Aly and her order of cold tofu with preserved […]

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