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Had dinner at Pasta De Waraku again … had cravings for Tomato cream sauce Baby with the giant menu Iced Coffee for me! ($2.80) Only added abit of syrup… didn’t feel like having milk coffee today I had Chicken and mushroom spaghetti in tomato cream sauce ($12.80) Can’t take too much tomato sauce these days […]

How we ended up having dinner is beyond me… perhaps it’s that grumpy hungry cat pictured above who demanded it Niniku Maruage ($5.80) I love roasted garlic… and it’s not often that you get it in restaurants (sheesh… I should do it myself at home next tine and save the $$$ ) Aly’s order of […]

Our second visit to Pasta De Waraku… but this time at the Marina Square branch … I made it a point not to order the Sukiyaki pasta again lol . This is what I ordered this time round … Tomato cream sauce with chicken and mushrooms So far in my life, I’ve only had either […]

It’s our anniversary!!! Every eating joint was packed at Marina Square … sheesh … Tried our luck at Waraku and surprise surprise! We were 2nd in the queue… Waitress asked us if we would mind a counter seat or continue to wait for a table… HUNGRY!!! So we took the counter seat … erm… we […]

Met Aly for dinner … we walked about Marina Square and decided to have dinner at Kenny Rogers (despite the recent cockroach incident published at “Stomp” at one of their branches Didn’t take much pics… Why not? Who hasn’t already dined at Kenny Rogers? Ribs for me … I usually order chicken … for the […]

Here we are again… ended up at Xin Wang at Marina Square for dinner … Aly’s baked spaghetti… To me… just found it kinda strange… always thought of baked rice… never baked noodles Not too bad… I love noodles…so it should be okay for me My baby and her italian noodles and… here’s my boring […]

Walked from Raffles City to Marina Square …. window shopping …. Didn’t know what to eat for dinner … and didn’t want to spend so much… so Aly and I ended up at Cavana Chicken. Here’s Aly order …. on the hot plate … sweet and sour…. too much onions for her liking … Chicken […]

Met Aly in the afternoon … she hadn’t had her lunch, so we grabbed a bite at this place Bao Today that serves dim sum at where they used to sell coffee buns Not a very big place …. The menu … just tick whatever you want and pass it to one of the staff […]

We’ve always walked past this place and seen the folks poking around the grille, we were there pretty early, as there were seats… why not? Ordered some mushrooms wrapped with beef… interesting …. the combination was pretty good with the scent of the mushrooms and the chewy texture fused with the lovely sliced beef… yummy!!! […]

Shopped around Marina Square doing some last minute Christmas shopping… Took a break at the Killiney Kopitiam there… love the stuff they serve… prefer it to Ya Kun Kaya toast and the other brands… Used to wake up at 6am and drive down to the original one at Killiney Road to eat their lovely kaya […]

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