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For the first time in months… The queue at Shimbashi was pretty short (but we ended up queuing for half an hour anyway despite the short queue… grrr…. ) Never got to try out this place (‘cos of the long queue – refused to queue previously) … but since the queue was kinda short (2 […]

Met Aly for dinner after I left Fai’s place. Aly has always wanted to try the seafood pasta at Bakerzin as the boss Chef Daniel’s speciality was that…. Iced Passion Bitter Orange Tea ($6.20) Don’t know how to describe this… but I liked it You gotta go try it for yourself… ya … I know […]

Okay… I know this might sound silly… but I’ve NEVER been to Thai Express before all these years … don’t ask me why… I don’t know either … perhaps because the food might’ve been too spicy for Aly? *-) But then again, even Aly has been to Thai Express…. I wonder with who? Grrr….. Fried […]

Aly’s “other plans”…. She dragged me to Bakerzin for some dessert after I screwed up dinner for her earlier on This is what she’s been craving for for days! The Foret Noir (Blackforest cake) from Bakerzin I must admit … it tasted pretty good …. lucky for her … it was the last piece I […]

Walked around at Far East Plaza for awhile with Aly …. Met Pin Ming there shopping with his girlfriend … Exchange numbers and he was surprised to hear that I still keep in contact with Pat and the rest lol Walked around for awhile more before having dinner at My Mum’s Cuisine at Paragon… My […]

Arrrgh…. I’m officially old … “Welcome to the club!” Tong said … sob sob Couldn’t decide where to eat … It was decided a few weeks back that we were to go try ´┐Żberburger at Millenia Walk … but somehow I just didn’t feel like going there today …. I was thinking since birthdays are […]


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5 Oct 2005

My birthday yesterday! Aly made a reservation here last week as we knew that they were having some birthday promotion there, 50% off the 2nd main course… hee hee… We were shown to our seats and after some thought… Aly and I decided to go for the Lawry’s Cut… the waitress came over to “warn” […]

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