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Pat and Audrey are buying me dinner for my birthday They suggested Blooie’s… but I wasn’t too keen on eating burgers…. We ended up at Parkway Parade and I jumped at the chance to eat indonesian food since Aly wasn’t around Look at Callum … and his parade of cars…. the penguin is abit odd […]

Had dinner at this new Bah Kut Teh outlet at the food court in the basement of Parkway Parade. It’s got it’s own section and seating area Lime Juice ($1.80) Zesty!!! Refreshing and not too sour Bah Kut Teh + You Tiao ($6) + Rice ($0.50) + Pickled Vegetable ($2) The you tiao was toasted […]

Met Aly in the afternoon and we headed to Parkway Parade…. Come dinner, we decided to try out this place located just opposite Central (the hk cafe thingy) and just at the end of the food court Koo Kee menu … Koo Kee… somehow the translation just doesn’t seem right… kooky? Open concept kitchen? LOL […]

Parkway Parade was having this whole mall sale during the weekend, we decided to head down to check out what good deals were available… I regretted from the moment I drove out the exit of the ECP……traffic jam!!! When we did manage to enter the car park, we had to park all the way on […]

Totally bored of the usual places to hang out on weekends… Orchard Road… Suntec… Marina Square… Parkway Parade…. What should we do? Aly and I decided to head to Causeway Point! Hahahaha…. Yup… the both of us haven’t been there for like… er… 5? 6yrs? The both of us can’t recall! Got there around 4pm… […]

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