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Went to Seafood Kitchen with Aly and Shirley. It was Shirley’s long overdue birthday treat Coffee pork ribs! Sticky gooey yummy! Hope I can sleep tonight Brocolli … portion was damn small What Shirley is here for … crabs! Chilli crabs … sticky gooey yummy again!!! Man tou to eat with the chilli crab gravy […]

Was suppose to come here with Shirley for dinner, but she couldn’t make it at the last minute, so Aly and I decided to proceed without her anyway Fresh seafood …. We ordered this spinach dish with egg, salted egg and preserved egg. Very nice! Wonder how difficult it would be to make this at […]

Suddenly … the whole gang wanna eat crabs Was quite reluctant of the whole idea as they wanted to go to Seafood Kitchen at Elias Road … damn bloody far … Then discovered that Perry’s birthday was just a few hours away So what the heck… give the guy a good crab I thought…. so […]

We were with Vivian and Perry…. she suggested going to this place at Elias Road where she had good crab previously with her friends… Aly wouldn’t have argued with that! Found the place … Seafood Kitchen…. it was a damn long journey though It’s basically one of those seafood zi char stalls at a coffeeshop […]

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