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Bored shitless… guess who climbed the tree? It wasn’t me

If cars could talk… what would these 3 be saying?

CA claims that my speedo has been swapped … If that’s the case, and as they claimed, the speedo immobiliser number doesn’t match my engine chassis number and only matches that of another Skoda Octavia, then why is it that my car is able to open my doors and start the engine currently? So now […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS!!! Kicked off the new year with a lazy rainy Sat morning SOG meetup at 8am… Everyone was still half asleep… hahaha… Too bad more didn’t turn up as expected… probably due to the late night partying the night before… The slight drizzle didn’t damper our moods though… We then had a […]

As they call it… Local window film companies are calling such tints “privacy glass” hahahaa… Anyway drove the car up to the top floor of the multi-storey car park and “baked” it in the sun for about 4-5 hours to get rid of bubbles… not that there are any… Just wanted to do it anyway […]


In: Life in Fish Bowl

23 Jul 2004

As if a dual exhaust didn’t leave me with an orgasm , check out this pic… Dual twin exhausts!!!! Multiple orgasms?

For Pete…

In: Life in Fish Bowl

29 Jun 2004

* Here’s something for you Pete! Forgot to ask you… what colour’s your ride and did you get a new licence plate?

What I would give to have something like this in SillyPore!!! Grrrr… no such legal exhausts here Got me drooling non stop

Notice anything different about the car now? Skody got new shoes! Yup! That’s right! Got them about 2-3 weeks ago. It’s now wearing a set of 18″ ROH Fury wheels shod with Pirelli Zero Rosso tyres I got them at a real bargain price as they were used but in tip top condition with no […]

Ok… lack of updates … oh well Been really busy the last couple of weeks, especially this week… Kept running around attending to my new prospect. Hopefully it all goes well Busy with my car stuff last month as well. Scrapped my baby and replaced it with a 3yr old Skoda Octavia 1.8T on the […]

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