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The Czech Mafia arrives … watch out!

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS!!! Kicked off the new year with a lazy rainy Sat morning SOG meetup at 8am… Everyone was still half asleep… hahaha… Too bad more didn’t turn up as expected… probably due to the late night partying the night before… The slight drizzle didn’t damper our moods though… We then had a […]

As some of you guys would’ve already known by now… I took over my car with only 1 key… Asked Dennis at Servo to get me 1… he never got round to doing it Anyway… got fed up… Went to CA and ordered, had to pay first, if not they won’t order. Thought fine… reasonable… […]

Went for the Singapore Skoda Owners Group meetup earlier in the afternoon before heading to Pat’s place for dinner, and then playing mahjong with Zhishen and Angela with Pat. Had a really fun day! Here are some of the photos I took at the meetup

Have you guys seen this sticker? I have it pasted on my glove box in my car…..

Went for my first Skoda meetup in the afternoon at Turf City. There are lots of Skodas on the road these days, beginning to see more and more It’s promising to see that more people are changing their views on the car The SOG (Skoda Owners Group) in Singapore is currently hosted at MyCarForum. It’s […]

Here’s a little something I did … what do you guys think of the tinted windows and lights? Gimme some feedback ya? Can leave them at the tagboard on the right of the page

Here I am now…waiting and waiting for soccer to start. Will Germany or Holland prevail tonite? Czech Republic (Go Skoda go!!! hahaha) were the first to qualify for the next round. England will meet Portugal in the next round… who will win the Euro2004? Who who who who who?

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