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Hong Kong 2009 Day 04!!! Rise and shine!!! Our “last” day in Hong Kong Had to make the most of it… so we woke up really early …… …. so that we could check this place out! The all famous Lin Heung Teahouse!!! When Aly said she wanted to check this place out… I was […]

The table is set! Brought my steamboat thingy over to their place Some processed food we bought from the supermarket…. Lots of balls Gotta have my fishballs when it comes to steamboat Some chicken filet that’s marinated in some bbq sauce I think… by Kelly… Sliced bacon and pork…. and of ‘cos… MUST HAVE beef […]

After all those warehouse sale visits, Aly and I ended up walking around City Plaza exploring the area We then met up with Sam again for dinner at Paradise on Earth Steamboat at Katong. They’ve expanded once again further down (214 Tanjong Katong) from where they are (200 Tanjong Katong) Good thing we made a […]

Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms … Aly loves them… Fai hates them … We’ve never been to the Mushroom Pot since they opened their first outlet at the Indoor Stadium… They’ve since opened 2 other outlets, at OG Orchard Point and this one, Millenia Walk. Checked with Aly if she was hungry ‘cos she didn’t know where […]

We were with Fai and Kelly… We had originally wanted to try the Korean Steamboat at Mario Kitchen along Liang Seah Street…. but it was closed! Fai then suggested going to Ting Yuan as he’s been there before and the food was pretty alright. We got a table after waiting for some time… The place […]

C-Nai Hong Kong Seafood & Steamboat … read with great anticipation on Hong Kong Cafe’s website that they’ve opened up this steamboat thingy at the Oasis located at Kallang…. gathered up Aly and Fai and Kelly (Tong = Fai ) and headed off to try it out. We arrived early… not too many people … […]

Yet Con … famous place for Chicken rice… yet, I haven’t tried it … I’ve always been a faithful Chin Chin chicken rice boy since I started working at Raffles City 7-8yrs back Since 1940! To think that this is my first time here Kelly looking through the menu…. Besides chicken rice, there’s also zi […]

Rajah Inn!!!

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16 Dec 2005

Aly and I had dinner at Rajah Inn restaurant located at Tiong Bahru Plaza… Steamboat buffet!!! This is the first time we tried their buffet, we usually go for the steamboat set which only costs about $7 each! Great value! … We decided to pig out today though Our jug of Iced lemon tea and […]

Had a small get together at Pat’s nursery with Chee Meng and wife Carrie, Leow and wife Amy… Got there after lunch, washed my dirty car after which we played a round of mahjong where I won $25 Dinner was yummy steamboat and grill! Check out the spread! Prawns, fish, chicken, pork, tofu, vegetables, lots […]

Aly and I were craving for steamboat again… so we headed down to Tiong Bahru (Eng Watt Street). We’ve heard good things about this place from Roy and some online forums… The place was called Heaven on Earth Steamboat… and seems they have branches elsewhere as well … hmmm… interesting… Found a parking lot nearby […]

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