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TBone… which stands for Tiong Bahru One … or Tbone for Tbone steak? Just a play on words as this place is suppose to specialise in steak…. Opened since last Oct, Aly and Vivian have always wanted to try out their meats…. We took the chance to go there today… I dropped them off and […]

Koh Brother… nope… not Brothers but Brother as written on the signboard… Don’t ask me Anyway this is my favourite Pig’s Organ Soup in Singapore. It’s located at Tiong Bahru market and it’s been around since my parent’s time Mum and Aly like to eat the glutinous rice rolls here. It’s eaten with the sweet […]

新海山 (Xin Hai Shan) … this place has been around since my parent’s time … Been here quite often when I was younger with my parents and sis …. But haven’t been here for donkey years …. So made a trip down with Fai and Kelly It’s been so long… I didn’t even know they […]

Went for a badminton session with TKL and his colleagues at Clementi Sports Hall …. I couldn’t even last 1 hour … 45mins was all I could take and I dread to think of how my arms and legs would ache for the next few days Here’s the crazy TKL taking on 2 of his […]

Aly told me a few days ago that she saw that some coffeeshop at Tiong Bahru had been converted into some sort of Hong Kong Cafe when she went pass a few days back… As we were bored and really didn’t know where to go or eat (plus the fact that we weren’t that hungry […]

Met Aly for lunch at this place after RT … It’s located at Blk 58 Seng Poh Road (just opposite the newly renovated Tiong Bahru market) The food’s not bad… and the place has air conditioning too! Some xiao long bau we ordered (I kept breaking them wasting the soup inside! grrrr) Fried dou miao… […]

Aly and I were craving for steamboat again… so we headed down to Tiong Bahru (Eng Watt Street). We’ve heard good things about this place from Roy and some online forums… The place was called Heaven on Earth Steamboat… and seems they have branches elsewhere as well … hmmm… interesting… Found a parking lot nearby […]

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