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Claire and Brenda … 2 girls…. hmm…. if only… Hope I didn’t screw up the speech … and that the bride and groom and the rest of the folks enjoyed it… Lovely couple ya? Congrats Pat and Aud… All the best ya?

Boxing Day! Also the day I wake up early and to help out @ Pat’s big day… Our little convoy of the brother’s cars lining up to get ready to announce our arrival… “Okay guys… here’s the plan….. ” and there we have it… don’t those lovely ladies look so good behind bars The brothers […]

Attended their wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel earlier toda with Aly and TKL… Er… no pic with the wedding couple lol Dessert at the wedding dinner… the most unique dessert I’ve come across so far at wedding dinners… Chocolate Mousse! You usually get some chinese desserts … but this one… really interesting! … Each […]

Tap!… had a fun time seeing you being played by her jie mei! When are the kids arriving? As for the rest of you brothers… it’s been awhile… glad you all can still remember that I was once skinny

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