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Here we are again… ended up at Xin Wang at Marina Square for dinner … Aly’s baked spaghetti… To me… just found it kinda strange… always thought of baked rice… never baked noodles Not too bad… I love noodles…so it should be okay for me My baby and her italian noodles and… here’s my boring […]

Headed to Xin Wang at Kovan from Vivocity for some supper with Tong and Kelly Aly’s french toast … we thought it was the wrong order ‘cos of the cocoa bits … but the waitress explained it comes like this … Sinful eh? Kelly’s mee sua with luncheon meat and egg…. Tong’s noodles with pork […]

Had dinner at Nomin Seafood Restaurant at Teck Chye Terrace with Tong and Kelly as Aly wanted to try out their famous “CPF” dish. Just what is CPF? (Not Central Provident Fund)… it’s actually a hotpot made up of Crab, Prawn and Frog legs in a herbal broth. Was too hungry to take pics Only […]

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at Marina Square. Aly and I were looking for a place to have dinner when we saw a signboard outside HomeFix with some pics and the words “Hong Kong Cafe”. That was more than enough for us to hunt the place down and sample the food. Good thing that the […]

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