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14 Oct 2009

Desperately need to replace my Asus P750.

I love the phone, but it’s been screwing up like crazy lately… and I need my phone more than ever for work.

4 different OS to consider…

iphone, android, winmobile and symbian.

I need threaded messenging. I never understood how I survived (back in the old days) with having to go to the inbox and then to the outbox and then back again to read a complete conversation.

I still don’t understand how many can live with it now as well.

Therefore, threaded messenging is a must.

Secondly… will need certain apps to go along with the phone. I will need eWallet on it. So far, only iphone and winmobile has it. I didn’t check for symbian, but I just can’t see myself using symbian as well…

If only the Nokia E52 has threaded messenging as well as an app like eWallet…

Also need apps like currency converter…. metric converters and also MS Office for mobile… need to read excel and all that ….

I would prefer a keypad rather than a QWERTY or on screen input.

But the Samsung Omnia 2 has got a screen keypad which I tried before… although I can’t feel it (sms-ing without looking at the phone with one hand) …. it’s still usable when I look at the phone ;)

The input for the iphone is horrible though. I can never type a proper sentence with it no matter how i try even when I rotate the screen to landscape mode.

Andriod really has got limited apps… something I don’t think i can live with.

Therefore…. I guess winmobile phone still wins at the end of the day.

Question is… which one now?

HTC Touch 2? HTC Touch Diamond 2?

I am waiting for the HTC HD2 to come out… but the thought of waiting till Nov sucks … I need the phone NOW!!!

Samsung Omnia 2? Which one to go for?

The hunt for a replacement phone is driving me nuts!

Oh! and I need one with a decent camera too… my current camera in the phone totally sucks….

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