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22 Apr 2006

After alot more shopping around the area, we made sure we headed to the V8 Cafe for dinner as we’ve always wanted to try it out but always forgot about it’s existance (Doesn’t help that it’s hidden at a corner) :P

The place was packed as always … we tried in vain to catch the attention of the few waiters running around to place our order…

Ordered a lime soda… tasted too bitter for my liking…

Aly’s Seafood Spaghetti … tasted pretty okay, but the seafood was pretty pathetic… tiny shrimps and all… haiz…

My order of Chicken Cutlet, too oily!!! Such that the one I usually eat at Tanglin Halt Market tastes way way 9999% better …

My Chicken cutlet came with free soup of the day… don’t even ask me what it is… look at the bubbles :-&

The side order of Cheesy Potato Wedges finally found (we saw the waiter walking in circles with it… duh!) us … geez… such “alot” of cheese /:)
Another thing, don’t order this when there’s only 2 of you!!! We struggled to finish it, it was too dry with too little sauce for dipping etc. Not good… I guess all wedges would be like that …. but if only there was more dip or something…

We then had to wait another 10mins++ to settle the bill before we made our exit.
I don’t think I’ll eat there again… seriously… heh…

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