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21 Dec 2004

What a day! Roy called me on the phone to tell me that my tyre was flat…

Rushed downstairs and discovered that 2 tyres were flat, not 1… :O :O :O

Roy then brought me to Autobacs where I bought an electric pump that plugs into the ciggy lighter socket in the car…

Went back to pump the air back into my tyres…

We then headed to Leng Kee to just look at some cars… Stopped by at Czech Auto to take a look at the Superb and enquire about my car keys…

2 other dudes tested the Superb, then blocked my car at CA entrance and exit… ‘cos they freaking just left the Superb there…. X(

Then when reversing… didn’t know got low wall ‘cos couldn’t see… and since it was at the side…. my reverse sensor didn’t go off …

So at the end of the day, the lousy Octavia driver (me :"> ) scraped his side bumper along the wall

Then along came a really voluptuous :X babe who droved the Superb away so I could get out ….

Think I’ll hang out at CA more often now… after seeing that babe :X :X :X

What a day :P

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